How do you fix girl problems at school?
Asked 813 days Ago By Brookelyn

Recently one girl at my school has been trying to steal my best friend and sometime when I see them together makes me very sad. What should I do?

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but if i was a girl i would...uh...i dunno....KARATE CHOP EM IN THE FACE
Answered on 19/03/2017 20:21:47 By chideha NOT A GIRL
Answered on 19/03/2017 20:20:37 By chideha

i can´t really give the best answer for this one because i had no friends at all at high school
Answered on 15/03/2016 20:34:39 By bigred21

I think you should maybe just leave it alone. This has happened and I just hung out with my other friends until she got some sense and hung out with me again. That´s all from me! Best of luck!!!!!!!!!
Answered on 15/03/2016 16:02:10 By Lionheart089

All u do is tell her it makes u sad when ur friend and the person trying to ´steal´ ur friend makes u sad.Then if that doesn´t work talk to the girl trying to ´steal´ ur friend. I deal with it often.
Answered on 15/03/2016 01:43:39 By Payton Pikachu

+Experienced Writer what if they won´t let you speak in private? 😱😟😲
Answered on 14/03/2016 21:19:31 By Crystal_Tears (Inactive)

Don´t worry! I,ve been through this. I got mad but i tried not to show it! As long as she is still your best friend It´s fine. If you think she´s best friends with that girl, maybe have a word with her? If not just see what happens. Take one day at a time :) Sorry if this wasn´t helpful.
Answered on 11/03/2016 22:02:47 By Dreamer

...with peace, love, patience, and forgiveness throughout this. Have faith that everything will be okay, even if that is a cheesy movie line. q=keep+your+head+up+lyrics&view=detail&mid=AEBD5D1CB5075ECBAFBCAEBD5D1CB 5075ECBAFBC&FORM=VIRE
Answered on 07/03/2016 21:35:45 By Experienced Writer :) [FIND ME ON WATTPAD: UnmitigatedNerd]

I totally feel you Brookelyn! I have been in this situation before! It IS really hard, I know, but like Online Nerd says, they´re not stealing. I lost my best friend because either was selfish and wouldn´t share her, and it really really hurt to see them together so often without me. Who knows, maybe this is supposed to happen to help you reach and make more new friends. Perhaps all three you will become a terrific trio rather than a dynamic duo, and that´s okay! The more the merrier right? And you can always ask for time alone with her if you need it. Maybe you will lose this friend, or at least your best friendship with her, and this will hurt...a lot ;). However, maybe it´s a message foo r y out o make new friends. When this happened to me, it took me months to be willing to make a new best friend, and trust me, I know that it wouldn´t be fun, but whether you make a new best friend or make a bigger circle of BFFs, I promise you will turn out fine. I hope that you are blessed... 1/2
Answered on 07/03/2016 21:34:56 By Experienced Writer :) [FIND ME ON WATTPAD: UnmitigatedNerd]

You don´t steal friends back or snitch that´s just not nice, an way let them have your friend because you can´t have her all to yourself, that´s plain greedy. If this girl who is trying to ´steal´ your friend isn´t nice play with different people. But the only way to make new friends is by spreading out. Trust me your friend might prefer her, I share my best friend with 3 other people! But we are all besties I don´t like to think of it as stealing think of it as sharing c; that´s all from me good luck!
Answered on 07/03/2016 10:06:48 By Online Nerd

Don´t be sad. Try to steal your friend back.If that doesn´t work then see if all 3 of you people can be friends. It has happened to me before.
Answered on 05/03/2016 17:48:09 By Greekmagic

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