Whats it like to see a therapist ?
Asked 16 days Ago By DELTEDACOOUNT

I have very frequent panic and anxiety attacks and school are arranging for me to see a therapist to get over my depression or my anxiety - i am scared and its making me even more panicky - is it normal ?

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For me (i went to therapy since a very young age) it was very helpful and a living hell at different times. But now when I´m older and I understand that to make myself feel better I have to work on myself too the sessions with my therapist are amazing and I feel very relieved afterwards.
Answered on 15/02/2019 18:08:06 By 420

Thanks guy so much - your all great friends
Answered on 08/02/2019 18:10:43 By DELTEDACOOUNT

well, therapists are nice (or from my experience idk if theres any terrible therapists tho), so there isn´t anything to panic about.
Answered on 08/02/2019 05:25:56 By saddxr

Evil been to one. He also sees Evil´s father for his depression. The one Evil goes to is nice and kinda funny. All they do is ask you how you´re feeling or what´s going on with your life, and they listen to you and talk about your issues with you; they´ll give you medicine if you need it. Also what you tell them is kept private unless they´re required to tell someone like a parent or guardian. It´s basically nothing to be worried about because it´s like talking to a friend. Tip: if you go to one, pretend like you´re talking to one of us on the site so you don´t feel worried and easier to talk to them about your issues.
Answered on 08/02/2019 01:51:48 By Predator I Am Dead!

Relax, everything will work out fine. You will overcome your fears and be better for it. A good therapist will help you find the way,
Answered on 07/02/2019 20:53:48 By ivor

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