i might leave for a while
Asked 17 days Ago By chideha

ive been feeling kind of depressed and i just feel like i should leave this and everything else for a while. i wont be quitting forever, i just feel like i should leave for now. its not just this i just feel like i should leave everything for now. every time im around people i keep feeling depressed and worrying about everything and i feel like its just gonna get worse. ive been thinking about leaving for a while but could never really get myself to do it because something in me just didnt want too i guess, but now im gonna leave i guess, just for now. 

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and thats fine, you need time for yourself and it may take a long time, and that´s something you need to do to feel better.
Answered on 08/02/2019 05:19:42 By saddxr

Answered on 07/02/2019 21:14:30 By Julian Henton

Sorry to hear this - we´ll miss you
Answered on 07/02/2019 18:40:49 By DELTEDACOOUNT

Take all the time you need, find your center, escape and learn peace. Then, when the time is right, return to your many friends who wish you well and will miss you.
Answered on 07/02/2019 10:14:02 By ivor

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