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Asked 71 days Ago By Aye_Itz_Maddie_g

As you know i leave school in a few months . Which means bc of all extra schoolwork ill be so busy i might not be able to come online here. You are all great friends to me from the start and i love yall for it. Pred and Evil- thanks for always neing her for me and you are a big part of my life hope we stay in touch. Tobes and Julian - hope you sort it out with eachother you have been great friends and a huge credit to my time here at stories city. Chi - your brilliant and unique in your own way and im sad to leave you all . There are many more but im kinda busy so i just wanted to make that special recognition to those people. Ill miss you all.

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Answered on 16/01/2019 11:03:41 By

Answered on 16/01/2019 11:03:40 By

I can still come online sometimes but not as much as i used to be able to
Answered on 15/01/2019 17:37:46 By Aye_Itz_Maddie_g

awh will miss you
Answered on 13/01/2019 20:10:06 By 👽 Toby the alien 👽

And thank you - the same is to you
Answered on 12/01/2019 00:01:05 By Julian Henton

:c Time flies by way too fast, I only thought you was year 10 :o :( 3 years almost...
Answered on 12/01/2019 00:00:24 By Julian Henton

You´re welcome and thanks for what you said ~ Evil and I.
Answered on 11/01/2019 21:02:53 By Predator I Am Dead!

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