Did anyone vote for the anime awards today?
Asked 71 days Ago By Predator I Am Dead!

Voting for the anime awards is trending today. Right now the voting is open, but later on I don´t know when the voting will close. To vote for the anime go to: https://www.crunchyroll.com/animeawards/index.html?utm_source=community_cr&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=anime_awards_2019&referrer=community_cr_twitter_anime_awards_2019

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Answered on 12/01/2019 02:14:28 By Predator I Am Dead!

its probably just my computer randomly blocking things because i did it on my other one and it worked fine
Answered on 11/01/2019 21:52:53 By chideha

im on a laptop and it doesnt work
Answered on 11/01/2019 21:50:50 By chideha

I tested it on Evil´s phone and it worked.
Answered on 11/01/2019 20:59:25 By Predator I Am Dead!

it wont work for me
Answered on 11/01/2019 17:47:05 By chideha

Link does work
Answered on 11/01/2019 17:32:37 By Predator I Am Dead!

Sorry for the long link, I got it from the website from Twitter.
Answered on 11/01/2019 17:32:22 By Predator I Am Dead!

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