Scared of falling out of bed
Asked 13 days Ago By Julian Henton

I dont wannt too. There was no point to this question

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Erm. i slept in my backgarden.. for an hour 😂on a swing like a round one and said I am living outside but I got bored and went in 😂I was in my mood for my parents swearing, I think it was my nanna this when was when I did not like that kind of thing. I dont much but i dont get annoyed at milld daft stuff jeeZ
Answered on 10/01/2019 23:13:06 By Julian Henton

Yeah idid that once had backache for like a month
Answered on 10/01/2019 20:34:43 By Aye_Itz_Maddie_g

You could get a loft bed... Since Evil and I sleep on a loft bed, it´s a high bed with railings on it;so pretty much loft beds gets rid of the fear of falling out of bed... Or you could just sleep on the floor "traditional Japanese" style (sleeping on the floor without a mattress)
Answered on 10/01/2019 19:37:43 By Predator I Am Dead!

Nope these are genuine rules (No laughing when a teacher is talking. Saying bless you to a student whilst the teacher is talking is considered ride and is an automatic Dt , there loads more but )
Answered on 10/01/2019 19:19:55 By Aye_Itz_Maddie_g

Pfft lol 😂😂thats silly is laughing not allowed now haha oops i just laughed 😂😂
Answered on 10/01/2019 19:10:58 By Julian Henton

I GOT dt for dropping my pen and then another one for laughing bc my teacher said ´The locals laughed´ in a really wierd voice
Answered on 10/01/2019 19:09:29 By Aye_Itz_Maddie_g

It was 😂
Answered on 10/01/2019 18:58:05 By Julian Henton

Answered on 10/01/2019 18:57:50 By Aye_Itz_Maddie_g

That must have hurr 😂I dropped my phone off a bunkbed (my brothers) it didnt break though
Answered on 10/01/2019 18:56:18 By Julian Henton

I did that once i was on the top bunk of bunkbed
Answered on 10/01/2019 18:52:29 By Aye_Itz_Maddie_g

Lol 😂
Answered on 10/01/2019 18:51:34 By Julian Henton

Well put your matress on the floor then you wont fall out if bed so yyeee
Answered on 10/01/2019 18:49:27 By Aye_Itz_Maddie_g

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