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Asked 14 days Ago By Julian Henton

Friends Me and Chi have become really close and I think we are best friends :) i feel now I can talk to him about anything Ivor: I don’t know where to start. You have always been funny and loving and caring just like a caring uncle or something. Even though we are talking online so thanks 😭 Maddie you are really nice and we have known eachother about three years 🤭😨😭❤which is good as I love thinking into the past. I miss the old storiescity days :( Toby, I know you started an argument and we have drifted apart a lot but I miss the old times and our connection ;( 😢😭 There are others too so thank you everyone 😭😭😭💙❤🎊 It feels horrible, as if someone was missing. That is what it is like to me when I miss the past and old days and get like this. It feels like five minutes ago and makes me tear up. This happens almost everyday and It can be horrible. I literaly feel as if someone has died 👼🏼Those days will come again. Only in a dream. A distint memory😭⭐🌟I miss them a lot. Another summertime will come ⛅🌤☀And another... ☀And another.. making the past further away than it feels. And another... and anoth

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Thanks , same to you :)
Answered on 10/01/2019 18:58:37 By Julian Henton

Aww Julian your so sweet , always here for you bro 💙❤💙❤
Answered on 10/01/2019 18:36:08 By Aye_Itz_Maddie_g

Julian, Thanks. It is a pleasure being your friend. Glad to be here for you.
Answered on 10/01/2019 09:28:46 By ivor

I have to go to the doctors soon ...
Answered on 10/01/2019 02:58:32 By Julian Henton

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