So anybody knows Heathers?
Asked 150 days Ago By a moonwolf

the musicall. i hardly know anyone who does and you guys are all so cool, so any chance i can blab about it on hours with any of you?

Answers (7 Available)

honestly my favorite character is probably Heather M
Answered on 27/09/2018 22:57:44 By a moonwolf

j.d is probably the only psychopath i love to death
Answered on 23/09/2018 02:25:55 By saddxr

J.D. is the cutest expoding idiot i know.
Answered on 21/09/2018 18:20:28 By a moonwolf

yeah its one of my favorite musicals tbh. but i always debate whether or not if i like the movie or the musical version better though
Answered on 21/09/2018 03:44:24 By saddxr

no the play or whatever e.e
Answered on 21/09/2018 00:56:40 By chideha

the soundtrack?
Answered on 21/09/2018 00:01:58 By a moonwolf

ive heard of it before
Answered on 20/09/2018 23:55:44 By chideha

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