Did anybody see the new Spidy game?
Asked 169 days Ago By a moonwolf

it´s great! i feel like i´m 7 again

Answers (6 Available)

no, i haven´t. i might check it out though but im not so huge onto marvel games, well if you dont count deadpool
Answered on 12/09/2018 07:29:45 By saddxr

i dont really watch gaming youtubers except for albertstuff so thats probably why i havent heard of it
Answered on 08/09/2018 22:24:03 By chideha

I seen jacksepticeye play it, but then I started watching the overwatch world cup.
Answered on 08/09/2018 18:13:53 By Predator I Am Dead!

I seen some youtubers posting gameplay of it
Answered on 08/09/2018 17:42:36 By χṡhαḋøώṡhÿχ

well, its new. but it looks really good and made really well... i dunno, it makes me happy :)
Answered on 07/09/2018 22:09:15 By a moonwolf

ive never heard of it
Answered on 07/09/2018 16:59:22 By chideha

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