I am asking the site owner for new features!
Asked 179 days Ago By flightbee

Right now I am contacting the owner (or whoever is managing the site) of storiescity to see if they will add new features that will attract more users. Here is the email that I am sending, hopefully they will consider it and update the website! 

Hello, recently I´ve noticed that storiescity is becoming inactive. I have a few suggestions for the site that I think would improve it´s usability and attract more users.

-multiple pages for "new" section. I am not sure if it is just my device, but there is no "next page" button for the new section. If there was an option to see older uploads, I think that would get more users views on their books and keep people engaged with the site.  Additionally, I think an option to "sort" the posts would be awesome. ("Top rated all time", "top rated this week", "top rated today", etc.) 

-rather than just a "subscribe" button for a story, I think there should be 2 different buttons, a "like" (or "heart") button, and a "bookmark" button. I think that the reason a lot of books don´t get likes is because the "subscribe" button is confusing, since it doesn´t look like the heart button but serves the purpose of one. So I think making these separate, and having notifications appear when a bookmarked story is updated, will help users get more attention for their books.

-reduce spam posts. Now I understand that moderating a website is difficult, but I do think it would benefit the community to have less "OMG VERICOSE VEINS" type uploads clogging up the feed. Maybe banning a few of those spammer accounts would work, just to reduce clutter. 

-option to reply to comments. as of right now, there appears to be no way to directly reply to comments in a thread. This would definitely help the site grow, as direct replies without having to check back on the post you commented on would benefit the community by making it more social. 

-"random book" button. Not a hugely innovative option, but would still increase views on older posts and add a sense of adventure to the user experience. 

-"new users" section. Again, not something that would change the site too much, but would help new profiles get views and feel more welcome in the community. 

All in all, I think that if these features where added into storiescity, I think it would become much more active and fun to use! Anyways, please consider adding some of these, and I look forward to future updates! :) 

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its sad though. i think the owner is more active on the israeli website? and plus i think the owner seriously needs to fix the bugs. i can´t even change my profile picture without error
Answered on 12/09/2018 07:27:50 By saddxr

Yeah I kinda doubt they will do it :(
Answered on 06/09/2018 20:40:35 By flightbee

i think the problem is not the budget (even though it could be one of the problems), but the fact that the owner is not being as active as they SHOULD be, plus not doing their job. They don´t even do anything about emails you send about the spam robots, even though the site itself even says to email the owner if you spot any.
Answered on 06/09/2018 02:55:13 By chideha

good idea tbh, i think it´s one of the reasons why this site is dying, people are constantly going on here and see the same thing over and over that i guess they start losing interest in it. so, the site being updated seems really good, but then again, the site might not have that much of a budget (since the owner did make this own godaddy i think), so im not so sure if the owner can be able to use these ideas and update the site.
Answered on 06/09/2018 01:34:27 By saddxr

Thank you :)
Answered on 29/08/2018 22:02:44 By flightbee

those are all good ideas
Answered on 29/08/2018 22:01:55 By chideha

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