Asked 180 days Ago By saddxr

i havent been here for some time and seeing it, its even more dead than before, and it seems like nothing has even improved here, it seems like the same, if anything, the site owner needs to update the site, because it feels like thats one of the main reasons why people are leaving

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i guess, i´ve realized my inactivity is just..bad. so i´ve been trying to be more active, just that i guess i lost interest in writing maybe,
Answered on 06/09/2018 01:29:26 By saddxr

I recommend that anyone still posting here continue to upload and talk to others. New users will see this activity and follow suit, growing the website and possibly making older users return. Right now the number of spam posts is greater than the original content, so making new stories will help this. Be sure to promote the website on other sites too, so we get more users.
Answered on 28/08/2018 23:08:42 By flightbee

well said chi
Answered on 28/08/2018 21:50:40 By ivor

well the site would become more alive if people stopped taking super long breaks and only coming back to see if it got any better
Answered on 28/08/2018 04:47:29 By chideha

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