hi, I´m new .^.
Asked 218 days Ago By a moonwolf

For some reason i can put up a profile picture... but nice to meet you all anyways :)

Answers (6 Available)

it´s awsome anyways :) and thank´s so mach for all of the welcomes ^^ (yeah positivity .^.)
Answered on 21/07/2018 13:04:27 By a moonwolf

yeah, though, i haven´t caught up with the series so welp :P
Answered on 20/07/2018 21:08:52 By saddxr

welcome :D
Answered on 16/07/2018 19:31:06 By chideha

thanks .^. are you a fan of voltron? pidge is totally my girl.
Answered on 16/07/2018 17:35:00 By a moonwolf

Welcome Moonwolf
Answered on 15/07/2018 08:33:28 By ivor

oh welcome! love the profile picture by the way
Answered on 15/07/2018 02:36:53 By saddxr

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