whats the point in living?
Asked 134 days Ago By chi

just a question i have. whats the point?

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well, it is what it is. Descartes said the only thing you can really know is thet you exist. look him up. so basiclly... anything you ever knew might not even exist. but it is beautiful. and since death is there, its becoming about the choices you make. they might not matter. they might not have a meaning. no one will ever know you were there... maybe no one will even come after you. thats why youre so special. the point of living might just be... anything. and that means your life can be anything. you choose what you think is beautiful. when you hurt... you are just being human and alive. (metaphirichlly! DO NOT ACTUALLY HURT YOURSELF.) i guess what im trying to say is that its all yours. its your point of living. urgg, its not my day. i cant write what im trying to say and im blobbing... life is beautiful and scary and maybe messed up. be you.
Answered on 14/07/2018 16:18:10 By a moonwolf

To give thanks for the miracle of life. The magnificent world we live in, the diversity of living things, The beauty of the intricate and complex, The plan we create for ourselves, The ability to make mistakes, the insights to learning. To make others feel good about living. To experience love. Anger, and be in control of your emotions. To make the world a better place.
Answered on 09/07/2018 07:58:55 By ivor

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