Someone buy me a vip memmbership please
Asked 242 days Ago By Julian James(quit)

On moviestarplanet :o(

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That´s almost exactly the same as what the normal user gets, except for the gems, clubs, and a VIP chatroom; where most of the VIPS are mean and think that they´re better than the people who can´t afford VIP, which is high percentage of being true. Actually experienced: a VIP made a book thing in the game and added only VIP friends to it, a non-vip´s friend notice that their non-vip friend wasn´t in the book thing and the non-vip friend knew the VIP member as long as the vip´s friends. When asked why the non-vip wasn´t in the book thing, the VIP answered "oh they don´t talk to me and they´re not my bestie" that was them thinking that better than the non-vip. VIPS only care about other VIPS.
Answered on 29/06/2018 18:07:20 By Predator I Am Dead!

Its not useless you can get more friends mobey and gems? Well dependin on the amount you do get an alright amount of gems you can get better clothes make clubs go in other chat room s it is good
Answered on 29/06/2018 03:22:14 By Julian James(quit)

Since hacks don´t actually work and it just gives virus. The VIP for that game is basically useless because all you get is very little gems and the same things (perks) you get as a normal user. The reason why I know this because Evil´s niece plays the game and a VIP user talks to me because I don´t allow a 5 year old to talk to another player unless I know them first.
Answered on 27/06/2018 02:24:33 By Predator I Am Dead!

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