I´m slowly cutting my wrist
Asked 225 days Ago By SuicidalHappiness

It feels nice. It stings but it feels nice. I dont wanna die this way, hanging is a betterway for me so im learning how to make a noose but this feels really nice. I soon wanna hurry up and move faster, but im wimpy ahahaha. I reallY like to see my own blood <3

Am I depressed?

Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

I lucv all my friends on here~

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Answered on 31/08/2018 16:28:07 By Zen

i felt that way. i used to cut myself before. i didnt know why i did. it was sort of for no reason but it just becomes addicting ;/ dont do it. you can get help, anyone can get help. theres always a way and its possible. tell someone in real life instead of telling someone on here :/ people arent going to be mad at you if you do. they may seem it, but theyre not mad, they just care about you. just like ivor said, if you think it hurts then your wrong. it may not hurt now, but thats just so it can hurt in the end...
Answered on 17/06/2018 04:41:06 By chi

When will people get smart? Suicide is Not the answer.If you think it does not hurt, you are wrong. It hurts everyone who knows and cares about you. Life is better then death no matter what it may look like today, Get help before you do something stupid
Answered on 12/06/2018 07:42:53 By ivor

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