how the f**k do you post images on books????
Asked 229 days Ago By 👽 Toby the alien 👽

image urls??? copying a link from an image on google why are they not showing in my book!?????? They are just little squares?

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You´re welcome
Answered on 07/06/2018 17:03:12 By Predator I Am Dead!

Answered on 06/06/2018 18:39:01 By 👽 Toby the alien 👽

You could just right click and save the photo (download the photo) or copy the link and go and upload photo from the link, it says use url or link. You put in the link and the photo should show up ; if it doesn´t it´ll say it can´t be uploaded. If it does go to file and save, save the photo to your computer. Then you can upload the photo.
Answered on 06/06/2018 18:25:26 By Predator I Am Dead!

it doesnt really matter they just have to be on google or something
Answered on 06/06/2018 00:33:35 By chi

What site ?
Answered on 06/06/2018 00:29:01 By 👽 Toby the alien 👽

i just drag them over from another tab. i have to upload them to another site first though which is annoying
Answered on 05/06/2018 23:40:53 By chi

Toby! stop swearing
Answered on 05/06/2018 23:28:54 By Bettina Arnold

Answered on 05/06/2018 23:02:26 By 👽 Toby the alien 👽

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