My yt video got nearly 8000 viewss
Asked 249 days Ago By Mxddie_xo_x

i got nearly 8000 views and they are still going up !

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Min has 25,000 plus and it´s still going up~ I earned half of my subs from it, the rest is just my art i think
Answered on 11/06/2018 14:03:08 By SuicidalHappiness

Answered on 21/05/2018 18:11:28 By Mxddie_xo_x

Answered on 19/05/2018 12:35:01 By Mxddie_xo_x

nice :D
Answered on 18/05/2018 19:37:41 By chi

it got to 12000
Answered on 18/05/2018 19:35:55 By Mxddie_xo_x

Good I guess. I´m nearly at 1,000 followers on Twitter. Evil is also posting more on her Instagram later today then we have to babysit.
Answered on 18/05/2018 14:43:19 By Predator I Am Dead!

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