does anyone even do anything here anymore?
Asked 173 days Ago By chi

i see people coming online all the time but there never doing anything :/ there just online every day for no reason. there not writing in there books. there not saying anything in the chat. not posting any questions. i see many users just come online do nothing, then leave for a while...

and im going to say something and i know its probably going to make some people mad and make me sound selfish and i dont wanna sound like that please dont take it the wrong way, but i feel like im the only person who even really bothers to do anything here...

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i transfer all my old stories to another website - this ones pointless
Answered on 04/05/2018 19:49:43 By Maddieizagg

I still do things on here
Answered on 30/04/2018 18:48:52 By UniqueGirl

oh cool :D
Answered on 29/04/2018 16:16:48 By chi

Jazzed that I have thirteen thousand plus readers of my Megaboys from Outer Space, I keep plugging it on my google plus account, It works in bringing in readers, Also started plugging it as Tweets. I also sold a copy of my Project 9/11. I gave the readers a good dose over here, and if they want to read the end, they have to buy the download from Amazon. I am also busy creating slide shows which I post at my you tube site. Learning to use I movie to make a workable slide presentation. I may come back and edit the last chapter of Sobe´s Gift. I went back and fixed a lot of grammar errors. If you have not read it, it is an exciting story.
Answered on 29/04/2018 08:18:32 By ivor

ive gotta admit, ive kinda moved some of my stories to wattpad instead of here ;/ but im hoping when i complete them i can maybe move them on here if anyone still uses the site. or even if the sites still here...;/ i can relate to that too, i sometimes leave the tab open all day an do nothing, but thats usually if im at school or writing on a document or something. oh, and i play roblox too e....e
Answered on 28/04/2018 03:30:24 By chi

honestly, not going to lie, i am one of those people who go online and never do anything, mainly because i go on this site and forget that the tab is every open because its like the whole site is empty to the point where its like its almost nonexistent, and im probably going to have to blame it on roleplaying a lot on roblox or discord. but, sometimes, i actually bother to write something in one of my stories, yet thats about it, this is actually the only site where i even bother to continue writing instead of writing and then leaving after a few days until i realize, that i had an account on that site months later.
Answered on 28/04/2018 03:12:19 By 𝐛𝐮𝐛𝐛𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐮𝐦 𝐛𝐨𝐲

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