I get why we have points now
Asked 377 days Ago By Evil Necropolis Wolf

I figured it out about the points.
Points are for some update that might include membership or a shop items that you buy with points.  There are other writing websites that include points as money and there mostly for buying membership for storage on a book limit,  book editing online tools, sending points to others, etc. 
So Storiescity might be doing what other websites are doing.

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yeah.. I guess storiescity hasn´t thought of what kind of things to put as a "sell" items yet.
Answered on 20/04/2017 19:24:48 By Evil Necropolis Wolf

i just noticed deviant art does sord of the same thing. u get points to buy things like sunglass badges, bowtie badges, and llama badges (llamas are free though), to give to other artists.
Answered on 20/04/2017 18:38:21 By chideha :)

Answered on 16/04/2017 02:00:06 By Evil Necropolis Wolf

If they do something with points they should reset them because there are some people who got crazy good luck in the beginning. I get one maybe once every two weeks. Also, I feel you should not get points for asking Questions or the questions should be approved first. "Hi" is not a question.
Answered on 16/04/2017 01:09:17 By Shastasnow

some point in the past. PUNS.
Answered on 15/04/2017 17:03:51 By chideha :)

Didn´t Evil and I say that points were money at some point in the past. Also isn´t it odd that we only get points for writing and nothing else. (Besides the gift box thing that doesn´t give points, like it should be doing.)
Answered on 15/04/2017 16:51:49 By Predator I Am Dead!

^/=|~ "pointless posting" thats punny XD
Answered on 15/04/2017 16:39:08 By chideha :)

I think points are given to the most active person in the website, like it´s made to encourage users to ask questions and write stories, that´s what an active user here does and that´s how we earn the points. It makes sense, don´t it?
Answered on 15/04/2017 10:54:49 By Annie *it's minako*

I kind of hope they add a use for points. At least the site would have less pointless posting if you know what I mean... Too many books where it´s just a few sentences about nothing. But I think that the points should be earned rather than bought so that it doesn´t turn into a site where you can only be seen as a good writer by the amount of cash in your pocket.
Answered on 15/04/2017 05:40:42 By WolfWritten

also i been to writing.com before and i didnt really like it. it made me a bit uncomfortable how it asks about relationship status, age group, education, country, postal code, and email...it also makes me uncomfortable how it asked for first and last name :/
Answered on 15/04/2017 05:13:46 By chideha :)

i dont really like websites like that though, because sometimes the things u buy with points can be kind of lame..
Answered on 15/04/2017 05:06:37 By chideha :)

yeah, I was checking out other websites (for advertising, but ended up on writing websites) and found out that the site called "writing.com" has people buying things with points and it gives people the option to buy points/membership and stuff with real money. But points are hard to get on "writing.com" though and the cost for things is really high.
Answered on 15/04/2017 04:56:47 By Evil Necropolis Wolf

to be honest i hope they do that, or if they do i hope they dont make things cost real money, just points.
Answered on 15/04/2017 04:50:37 By chideha :)

You figured out what there used for, good. 👍
Answered on 15/04/2017 04:49:14 By Predator I Am Dead!

There´s shop items that could be bought with points, that could be useful also..
Answered on 15/04/2017 02:01:34 By Evil Necropolis Wolf

I hope they don´t charge for storage because I have 42 to books. I don´t see much use for them. There will always be someone with a sick amount of money or points. I like the freedom and the useless points.
Answered on 15/04/2017 01:57:58 By Shastasnow

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