dont yu hate it when people laugh at what phone yu have?
Asked 501 days Ago By jjhentonfiremansamfan

i have a nokia lumia and people say iphones are better and laugh whats so good about silly iphones???

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iphones are not as good as nokia
Answered on 13/01/2017 23:57:03 By jjhentonfiremansamfan

iphone 4 has screen problems, it breaks easily, the battery sucks, the antenna sucks, the carrier sucks, its multitasking sucks, and the storage is so small
Answered on 13/01/2017 22:01:56 By chideha

actually a nokia lumia is better then a iphone 4, want me to tell u why iphone 4 sucks? jacko?
Answered on 13/01/2017 21:59:44 By chideha

You want to know why I´m still using a lumia Jacko? I can throw it at idiots like you and it doesn´t crack one bit.
Answered on 13/01/2017 09:58:36 By Feral

I´m sure there´s nothing wrong with having a Nokia Lumia. Everyone judges everything,it´s just how they are. Also King_Jacko shut up before KARMA beats you before DEATH´S LIST takes you. KARMA is part of DEATH´S DESIGN, watch yourself or you´ll lose what´s yours.
Answered on 12/01/2017 23:36:52 By Evil Necropolis Wolf

haha thats crap i have iphone 4 better than a crappy lumina
Answered on 12/01/2017 22:40:47 By King _ Jacko

nothing wrong with having a lumia everyone at your age starts with one of those phones i have iphone 5c but i wouldnt judge someone on there phone
Answered on 12/01/2017 18:46:53 By Ingrid-Ingham

Yay I have a lumia too haha... I´m using the Nokia Lumia 620...
Answered on 12/01/2017 03:14:41 By Feral

Heheh *cough cough* nah, I´m just being a jerk, and yes
Answered on 12/01/2017 00:50:05 By xXCatLadyXx is back

ugh how can people afford iphones?? especially iphone 7 its like 1000 pounds
Answered on 12/01/2017 00:02:13 By Norman Thundercliffe :)

i hate when people laugh at shoes
Answered on 11/01/2017 23:30:30 By Zen

I own an IPhone 7, yet people complain that it´s bad, but I don´t see anything bad about it.
Answered on 11/01/2017 23:13:49 By Winter

I don´t know, I don´t have a phone.. But I know Evil use to have an old version of a sam-sung (it´s where the keyboard slides out) and some guy told her that it was a good phone and before she got her new sam-sung phone. Both of Evil´s ex boyfriends had flip- phones (the top part of the phone flips up to open). Who cares if the phone is old or lame. If the phone has calling and texting, which what people just need from a phone, then use the phone. Besides who cares that much for phone, it´s just an accessory that people can live without. Then again people are losing their humanity over phones, they´re phone crazy.
Answered on 11/01/2017 22:34:19 By Predator I Am Dead!

i dunno. i dont need or want a phone
Answered on 11/01/2017 21:57:25 By chideha

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