Which Undertale Character Would You Be?
Asked 633 days Ago By Niranbd

Answers (10 Available)

i took the quiz and got Greater Dog ;3
Answered on 19/03/2017 20:19:30 By chideha

sans! no wonder i always tell jokes ;)
Answered on 09/12/2016 10:47:09 By Norman Thundercliffe :)

Frisk, dam...I wanted Chara....
Answered on 24/09/2016 05:52:23 By Daci

Frisk :3
Answered on 04/09/2016 05:42:33 By TeaBerry

I don´t know what Undertale is but i got someone called Napstablook xD
Answered on 02/09/2016 18:23:07 By Magical dreamer

I am Toriel bab! YAAAS
Answered on 02/09/2016 01:57:03 By Ehehe~

//According to the three times I took this I´m a mix between Frisk and Napstablook (^^)
Answered on 01/09/2016 22:21:52 By cordiowl

Answered on 01/09/2016 20:34:01 By Fakkingu Torasshu~

Frisk Or Undyen
Answered on 01/09/2016 20:33:43 By Fakkingu Torasshu~

IDK.i don´t watch undertale.
Answered on 01/09/2016 19:02:44 By annie ( katniss and peeta forever)

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