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Hey guys! Feral here.

If you have found anything wrong about my stories, feel free to comment, I will do my best to correct them. If you like them, remember to hit that subscribe button to be notified when a new chapter was added! Thank you! XD 

 If you need a drawing (black and white only, sry), you can message me or write on my wall. My profile pic is a sample of my artworks if you are curious, the cover photo isnt but Im planning to draw one soon.

WOOHOO! Got one book to more than 2k views! Thank you for all the support! Still low on subs tho... am I doing anything wrong?

If you guys wanted to work on a book with me or make a crossover, feel free to message me! :D

Kindness is a language the deaf can hear, the blind can see.

A person who never fails is a person who never tried.

A true alchemist doesnt turn lead into gold, but worlds into words.

Stories currently working on:

Craters: Equilibrium (postponed till further notice)


Closer (as co-writer with Jacob Satorious)

*Credits to Musicalbasics for music. There are four songs in total here, feel free to listen.*

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