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Hayo Im Toby Stanley Arnold. I was born on February 20th in 2007 at 2 am in the morning! My mammy had a C-section now I know what it´s called, I was cut from my mummys tummy. I think it because I had difficulties. I have ginger hair and the shade is bright orange! I have thin emerald green eyes and feathered (well what I think they look like) ginger eyebrows. I have glasses (Probably my 100th pair!) as I always lose them. When I was little I wore little gray around glasses I looked a bit goofy but I sat on that :-/ whoopsie. I also have freckles on my cheeks and nose. I live with my mom and my little brother Brandon who I love to annoy. My favouurite color is green as ya maybe be able to tell. I also like silver because it´s shiny and reminds me of a spaceship. I love space, planets, and aliens as my username are Toby the alien I like: Science, especially chemistry, I also like the English language, history, and art. I have different moods: an angry mood (Ya don´t wanna see it I once smashed a window), a sad mood (where I am depressed, yes I have self-harmed before), A lovable mood (where I talk and act like a baby and hug everyone (Before when I got a glass of milk I drank it like a baby drinking milk) I also have a hyper mood when I run around and crack silly jokes, I get hyper when I drink coke!! I love my family my cousins are: Leo, Colin(more like brothers these two) , Devon, Marsha, Martha, Morris, Paul, Sunny, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Heidi, Ava, Ellie, Brenda, and many more I have far too many.. bu5 im grateful even though they are hard to put up with! I like dirty stories but also innocent and imaginative stories. Depends on what mood im in, lustful or dirty mood ;-);-) or a happy, imaginative, innocent mood. This varies. Im naughty at home (Not in that way) I do mischevious pranks and stuff. Yesterday on a walk to Morrisons, my hay fever started (What I just got recently)  and my mom said lets go back home and get some medicine we weren´t far from home by the way. My mom went marching on and I hid behind a lamppost! She thought I was behind her and went in the house! it was hilarious but she went mad at me because I didn´t take it and kept sneezing! x-D. My favourite Ds games are: Animal crossing new leaf (I play it on my friends 3ds) , Tomodachi life (which I also play on my friends 3ds), and on my Dsi xl (which is very broken) I like: Animal crossing wild world, super Mario bros, the brain game and super monkey ball. And Mario Kart or course! My favorite animal is sheep but I also like hamsters. I used to have lots of them but they died:-( my favorite was Priscilla ( the year I chose the name) She died on June 2014 (i miss her!) Now I have an annoying parrot called Wesley. I love my brother Brandon but he can be annoying his username here is Bubblegum Brandon. But we are good bros mostly! I love my mammy she handles us on her own and I think she does a great job! My mammy and daddy split up when I was about 5 then we moved house. if I didn´t, I wouldn´t have met my amazing friends. They are Julian, Timmie (who goes to his grandma and grandad´s a lot and they live down my street) and the funny, mischevious Clarissa! I have many more buddies such as Julians cousin: Jessica-Sarah. she is shy and sweet and used to be my girlfriend. Im also friends with Norman who is Timmies best friend and hes very funny. I talk to Richard too hes nice. Im friends with twins called Juno and Neptune but Neptunes quite annoying!  Im also friends with twins called Nathan and Emmie and their big brother Percy. They are annoying and Julian hates them but oh well. Now.. my bad traits.. well I get full of mischief and my pranks sometimes go too far.... and I can be a bit bossy sometimes and greedy especially with chocolate! But im mostly kind and funny. I don´t love myself i hate myself and get depressed but I get the odd day when I have self-pride. I want to support people who have been bullied, gay people, charities for cancer and autism. My grandad and grandma both died of cancer this year ;-( Grandad Peter and Grandma Lilly but they are safe in heaven. I believe in God and heaven, my mom is a Christian but im not super religious. Do not call me Tobias I hate it.. call me Toby, Tobes, Tobe or any other nickname as long as it´s not rude. another story for you.. my old friend named Dylan (i was going to be called Dylan as a baby omg) Anyway, he was funny and asked to nickname me. I said ok and he gives me a surprise nickname.. guess what it was.... ok it was willy... very rude not good and I know what one of those is..because i have one... Oops sorry I can get rude but I´m not rude in front of people who dont like it like Julian awwww my little baby (Beware my lovable mood LOL!) Please read my books and my other Storiescity account is Lambydoo which I rarely use. Other than this, I have moviestarplanet and my name on there is Toby the alien like on here (it has spaces) if ya want to add me. But warning: my movies are random. They aren´t rude or anything so don´t worry but they are random.. one´s about a firework in my livingroom.. ok I´m weird. My old account is Tobyarnolds as I used to put a s on my last name at the end and I dont even know why! Oh well lol. Yar so please read my books but some are dirty. I have autism.. well Aspergers and im going to get a diagnosis I also have anger and behavioral issues which I try not to show but I have a hot temper.  Lol sorry, this is so long but Im trying to make it my long biography! I moved into my new house in 2012.. it was when my mom and dad split up, they got married but then argued, I dont know what over they just didnt agree on anything.. it made me cry ;-(. I see my dad sometimes but not a lot. My mom tells him to see us more, especially me as she thinks we need a dad and son talk because Im getting older and stuff.. so ya. My brothers (Cousins really but we class them as our brothers) Leo and Colin lived with us in our old house for 2 years because their mum who is my auntie was ill and still is a lot. They also lived with us for a year in our current house. It was also because of Leos bad behavior (Shows who I take after) Leo looks a lot like me as he also has glasses and ginger hair and Colin looks like Brandon in the face. Weird huh? They are not our siblings, though we say they are and they look a lot like us!! If ya need to speak to me, message me, Ill be there for you, dont be afraid, I dont bite unless Im mad honest! Lol. See how crackers I am? I get crazier by the day I do. Haha, :-) you´re welcome to be my friend welcome to the crazy, weird, wonderful, wacky world of Toby! :-) Seeya in the message box bffs!

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