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i am here to be creative. let me know how my books are. I like to make friends and try to be really kind to the people how are kind to me... and my stories are mainly romance because it calms me down quicker then anything other than my friends...IM fabiyawn and like black, and red and blue and know some animes and like games and have a thing for science and romance with protection to the male OR FEMALE,( females are strong to and are strong then guys with pain... like labor is a painful  experience for female and most males never feel the pain..) I hang with girls to understand why I am myself, while guys only like talking about girls... Most of my friends are girls because... I am not going to lie, I like girls way better then guys as friends and family... I hang with guys too but girls are better most the time... that is me and only me... I want to teach when i grow up.. it seems really fun to do..My best friend is 15 and a half and uses my profile to talk and chat cause we she it.. His name is Jordan and uses my name to cause trouble but Im 13 and try my best to help and learn from others by their actions to stuff and expressions. I always have to fix his mistakes if they are bad but make sure others know it was him not me...

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