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Hey, N3PH4L3M$P1R1T0FB4L4NC3 here,(Alter ego Braxton: My double chopsticks are ready, lets dig in to the ramen in the bread bowl! RAMEN! BREAD!) *sigh* *smacks alter ego upside his head* Im 15 and a huge anime fanatic(*alter ego gets up* Alter ego Braxton: OTAKUUUU!),also my favorite songs include: Every time we touch, Listen to your heart, Witchcraft, and Pretty Rave Rirl by nightcore, LA, MTC, Feel The Melody, Pika Girl, Ill See you Again, Less Than 3, Forbidden, Better Off Alone, and Little Kandi Raver by S3RL, Whistle, I Cry, and Good Feeling, by Flo Rida, Stamp On The Ground, Moonlight Shadow by Italo Brothers, Gamer Forever(Nightcore Edit is Better) by SkyMarshallArts, and Carmelldansen(MK, Speedycake, And Ryu remixes). Originally I was going to make a SAO remake with my friend Tommy (The basis for Tamaki in my SAO book) and he was going to write Tamakis chapters but we temporarily lost contact so when we get in contact again Tommys gonna write his own part... I hope youll not waste a visit to my page and check out my anime Fanfictions (Ima  post a pic. for every remake I write) and if you like my books please feel free to subscribe. contest: who ever canguess what im using the item described for gets a spot in one of my books as a character.(Use Wall Comments To Answer) time Limit: 1 week. I own none of the pictures used in the bookcovers, between the scenes, or anything else on my page. thanks for visiting, N3PH4L3M$P1R1T0FB4L4NC3 Signing off! Peace Ouuuut! (Alter ego Braxton: #RamenInABreadBowl.) *sigh* *cuts off alter egos arm* *sigh* *reattaches it*

Current Contest Item: Clip Studio Paint, Gmail Service, Phone

>:-(        X3                    

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