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Dear Readers,

This is Zhanna/Shastasnow

Jet Packs (sketch) by shastasnow

~"Take cover because snow wont stop falling just for you. Such is the same with everyday obstacles. So Look closely or you might miss something." - I suggest you read, Love by Leo BUSCAGLIA (if you enjoyed the quote) 


Love is open arms. If you close your arms about love you will find that you are left holding only yourself.

First off I am a girl and who cares how old I am OR how tall I am :D

My favorite show would probably be Pokémon and I still love the show. Favorite Pokémon, hard to pick just one or just 6.

I am an illustrator (artist)

Great songs that I recommend to listen to while reading or writing: Angel lli Demon (Slot, If you want to listen to Russian rock), Angel (Within Temptation-The Silent Force), Larger Than Life (feat. Benji Jackson Pinkzebra), Keep On the Sunny Side (O Brother, Where Art Thou?), Towards the Sun (From the movie Home), Kill The Light (Dark Adrenaline), O2 from midst of town (.hack Roots O.S.T. by ALI PROJECT), Sound tracks from movies, Lose Yourself (Eminem), O mio babbino caro (if you enjoy the violin like I do listen to the Romance of the violin by Joshua Bell), KIBA Secert, What You Know (Two Door Cinema Club-SaGs Indie Electro Rock Playlist March 1010), Heartbreaker (MSTRKRFT (I know it is crazy but I have listen to that song 1,008 time and I doubt one more time would hurt), Suga Suga (Baby Bush), Dr Van Helsing and Dracula (Glass, Philip (for Halloween), Venison (Jackie Wonderful Fossegrim) or nothing at all ha-ha (jk) OR listen to what you want. Haters are going to hate.

It is strange but sometimes I feel like a different person when I write or draw and when I read some of the stories I have made they can sometimes surprise me. Silly. Well I guess it makes for a fun variety of different voices. I also rather write my own stories rather than fan based not that I dont like fan based it is just so I can use voices I know well.


Sincerely, Shastasnow 


PS: If you were for some reason wondering what this font is, it is called Didot and I paid for it ;)

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