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     I am Ivor.   

     Master of poems and monsters.  Giant kids are a re occuring theme in my stories. My works invoke  a sense of awe and wonder,  One might assume that I am obsessed with destruction.  To a large degree, one may be right.  Sensitive readers looking for "warm and fuzzy" tale, might want to read about Rifkas Birthday wish.  A rare  "friendly giant" story.  

      Mature readers are great. Bold readers, and ones with imagination may find favor with my works. I have seen some of the better stories here at Stories City, and think my work compares favorably.  I also do photo montage about "Mega Boys" as I have an artistic temperament. My art collection is in a yahoo group.

         I have added  a book of poems,  I wonder if I can publish picture books here as well.  

I hope you enjoy reading my stories.  Let me know if you do, or if you do not.  The best an author can look forward to is reader feedback. 

A work in Progress;   Take a glimpse into the writing process in action.  I am currently writing "Sobes Gift",   You can see the actual progress being made as I first, enter a chapter, and then go back to make grammar, spelling, and context corrections.  No chapter will be officially finished, until I do the final "proof read".  On the other hand, ,you as readers will be aware of the changes, if you follow the writing,  Even the earlier chapters are subject to changes so you might want to go back and re read whats been entered. 


Hold the press!  Just did some tweaking to the last chapter, and made the book a masterpiece.  Whoo hooo. 

Something New, Something Old.  I am adding, chapter by chapter, the first story that I ever wrote online. It started as a scene from a movie in my mind. I did not know the direction it would take.  You can read about that in my prologue.  I am doing a major edit, as I go, this was written twenty years ago. and has been changed and modified.  My posting here will be the official updated version.  It is excessively Gory.  Carnage unchecked.  Some like it, It scares me, that I have this in my head.  lol. Best thing I know how to do, is , Let it out. 

I entered the second scene today `12/6. Still potent stuff, I drew from it in many of my other works of fiction. This was the first, and now I am tweaking it with a belt load of experience.  

Two new scenes, as we get to the destruction of GameAura.   Ring a bell Anyone?   its a hint. 

Scene sex,  I mean six.  Yep this is X rated,  No kids are to read this. I warned everyone at the very start that this  story is rude and crude, till it gets  (Spoiler Alert) uplifting and moral. 

Down and dirty Vore.  Scene 8.   do we see a pattern emerging?  hint hint.

9 spilled the beans, and the new posted 10 and 11 start to clear the air. Awesome battle scene  in 11. 

A gut wrenching chapter 14,  Murder most foul.  

And so it is completed, my updated Boy in the City, the definitive version.

After much thought, I have decided to put my opening chapters of Project 911 up. Up till now it is only available at Amazon dot com,  as a e book.  I am so doing in hopes to have interested readers lay down a buck to reach the awesome climax.  If I get enough readers, I might change my mind. 

In the meantime, I would love to read your comments (on any of my works)  feel free to share your opinion. 

Chapter Ten just added.  So,  what do you think?  so far...

16 chapters in,  I actually wrote a half page of new dialogue, in the chapter,"Grilled".  I am pleased with the addition.  It would be nice to get some feed back.  Just some Info,  Mega Boys from Outer Space has sixty thousand words.  my Project 9/11 has thirty thousand. .

Chapter 17,  decisions are made,  I like the way this one reads.  

By Popular demand;  I decided to submit the final chapters of Project 9/11.  The story is now complete and at its very best.   At Amazon I have sold three whole copies and made almost three dollars.  I may as well share my story with the world.  Enjoy the read.  Please notify me of any typo´s so I can make corrections.   Quite a story eh? Chances of it ever being made into a movie ?  Who knows.     

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