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Hey, so Im like really dark and freaky and I love shopping at the local Hot Topic. My favorite bands are: Skillet, Marilyn Manson, Panic! At The Disco, The Pretty Reckless, Three Days Grace and a lot more. I like writing books about vampires because I have a crush one on--Damon Salvatore. Anyways... shoot a message if you want to write a book with me as long as it isn´t super girly because I will cut you if it is! (jk) But seriously, you should. My favorite people and inspirations are Diego Navarrette, Eugenia Cooney, Brendon Urie, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, and my best friend. That´s all you need to know.. I think. I´m working on two books right now, and one will get SUPER freaky, but I cant continue alone. I want to work with someone, and I am going to start sharing a new account with my friend, Emmie, but I will continue to work solo on this one. Read my books and don´t forget to friend me and subscribe. And if you´re Damon Salvatore, I love you. If you´re Sailor Moon, I also love you. I love you if you aren´t. Peace!

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