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Hi Im Alice.

Obsessed with books.

Im a director not famous or anything just a few small films.

I love scary movies.

Working on being a writer i havent been on here since I was 11. So lets try this again shall we.

Not a lot about me actually kinda a loner.

Got a Youtube account Run Alice Run or Sparkles & Lollipops (its an ironic name in my opinion)  Check me and Ri out. Shes awesome. Im on various other sites . Wattpad. Ummm yea in that quite chick in the back of the classroom that everyone thinks is the sweetest girl. But guess what secretly Im listening to Classic Rock/ Punk / Metal. That basically explains my life. I dont hide what I love but no one really pays attention enough to care. If you like me message me Im cool with random people raving to me. Theres only four people I trust in this world. Two of which are my cats. This is life summed up.  Live. Die. Have Fun.

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