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This here, is Damwab! This dragon needs to represent me, as in: This would be me if i were a dragon! This is my first drawing without any reference! So no pictures searched up on google or anything, just me being there and making this picture all by myself! I Really like how he ended out, still want to learn shading and stuff but this will do for now!

Story about me,

My name is Damwab, I am a Ice/Frost Dragon who is really friendly and has seen some things in the past. I had a fight while i was younger with my older sister, that´s what left the scar on my nose. <-- Needs more explanation if anyone is interested!
I never really got much attention from my parents, and have never really known what it is like to get more attention then just some small conversations and silence afterwards.
I am more of a Lone-wolf type, I prefer colder, dark area´s and like being left alone. But secretly also love the attention I am getting from people around me.
Because my preference go to darker and colder area´s you will only see me around the evening, I try to avoid as much of the daytime as possible because I can´t handle the heat of the sun.
I live my life as good as I can, and try to make friends and not enemies. I am not angered very quickly but if you go to far, don´t expect much mercy.
I am a trustful, Calm and really Silent dragon, that by far as my Calmness goes, still can get my inner self to be frustrated over the littlest things.

This is really the only way i can express my self, in a story like this with a somewhat themed drawing with it.

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