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When my books stories get published, you will see my pen name, Robin J. Crow on them, (Robins, Jays,  and Crows are three of my favorite birds)

I love books and dragons and books and elves and books and Harry Potter and food and books and art and school and books and Star Wars *big breath* and Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit and My Little Pony and books and Marvel and Norse mythology and Greek/Roman mythology a lot of other stuff. Did I mention books? (Child of Athena here!)

I write stories for fun and I dont care if you like them. Just let me know what you think I need to change anything. For example: If you think the plot moves to fast, give me an idea on how I can slow it down. I may take your advice, I may not. Please rember that these are my stories, not yours.

More about me: I am 15. If I went to Hogwarts I would be a Gryffindor. In Middle Earth, I would be an elf. In Equestria, I would be a unicorn. In Star Wars, who knows. I kinda want to be a jedi. My element is earth. Deal with it.Thor is the best hero ever, hands down. In the Marvel Universe, I would be an Asgardian. Because of Thor. *Fangirling internally* If I was a Greek demigod, my godly parent would be Athena. If I was a Norse demigod, my godly parent would likley be Loki. (Please keep in mind that Marvel Loki and Norse mythology Loki are two very different people.)

Go kiss a wookiee. After you read one of my books...

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