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Important Notice: I am now the mother of Smile^^ 


Im sorry everyone.

To Little Wolfy: I could write about how awesome you are, but that would take to long, Thank you for being my best and first friend on StoriesCity :) ...I love ya girly;p

To Love Me Dead: Youre fuckin bad ass. Also, you terrify me. XD Glad we got the chance to be friends. P.s. I always thought you were more fabulous than anyone else XD

To Raffy: Dude, youre awesome. I cant think of much to say, Becuase Ill cry trying to type or think about it. Stay awesome, and always love Batman.

To Mysterious Reaper; Ugh, I dreaded getting to you, you are SO AMAZING!! Im so sorry to just leave..Love ya ;p Also, Batman could kick Supermans ass. Dont forget that.

To Sebastion: Even tho I tried to be nice, sometimes I wanted to track you down and bitch slap you. You jerk. Glad to talk to you, I really do like ya as a friend. Sorry for the times I was mean...Nah, Im not sorry. But really, it was nice being your friend, even if I was annoying :D

Goodbye all.

Maybe Ill see you..

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