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Hi, call me zoroarkling. Someone from another site said he liked my writing and told me about this website, so i decided to upload what i had so far. Hope you enjoy and feel free to ask comments, questions or concerns.

also a little information about the story i am writing called "masks" is right here:

The duo that fight "masks", which are what the mask wearing bad guys are referred to, has inner circles or factions. There are villains using the power of the masks for their own benefit and there are good guys who are trying to fight said villain, specifically an organization known as "mask hunters" or "hunters" for short. This organization is specifically there to try and maintain balance in the world and keep peace.

Various species and races are in this organization who fight with magical weapons and masks of their own, some are even able to wield some forms of magic. They fight everything from burglars to mafia families. There is also a level system created by the "hunter" organization to simplify the strength of each mask with tiers. Insects are the lowest of the tier, but just like their namesake they usually gang up when threatened. Next are the mammals, stronger yes and some can perform acts of magic, they are seen more as commanders in a group or multiple groups.

Finally, the cryptids. Named so because they were originally created by pouring memories of ancestors of multiple species or races into a single mask, done correctly and it´d make an unbelievably powerful weapon that once started is near impossible to stop. The deadliest of the cryptid masks are Rocs. They have very high levels of magic, are able to attain flight, and keep a decent amount of henchmen around to protect them, in recent cases it is about 5 eagles minimum.

The "hunters" use a bounty system to reward their members with the currency of Jens, this is why the categories of the masks are used. Its also useful to find some quick cash if you have a large amount of insects that need to be taken care of. It is also an easier way to brand and inform the citizens around them what to look out for.

If i have anything else complicated into the story i will try explaining it as i go to keep in the flow of things.

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