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Hey everyone! I´m just writing some of my fanfictions on here. I´m an amateur writer so I´m practicing and having some fun at the same time. A little about me. 

- I really enjoy watching One Piece

- I like to have fun and do something different

-I never really write a story and actually finished it. It would be amazing to actually finish what I started writing. 

-I like doing crafts such as pottery and crocheting. 

-I was born with hearing lost so a lot of people and teacher took it easy on me since I was the first and only H.O.H (Hard of hearing) child in the whole town so there has been some arguments on how to teach me and what kind of skills and help I may need. 

-Due to that, I have a bit of trouble in my Language Art class and writing class due to me having a hard time sticking to first, second or third tense or past or present or whatever. So sorry if i´m jumping around on that. When we are doing homework on just Past tense or whatever we are learning, I´ll be fine. But when writing a story, I´m jumping all over the place. I´m better but I still suck. No matter how many time I do this, I can´t retrain my brain what I´ve been doing since high school. 

So that´s all and I hope you enjoy my story. 

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