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Hello, Im an average girl who has goals!

Hello my name is S267843, it may seem hard to remember but once you write it down a few times it just sticks - anyway nice to meet you - Im an 11 year old girl from The United Kingdom who has goals of becoming a writer or a designer. When I came across this website I was a bit nervous (as I am quite shy and timid) but I hope to make some new friends and hopefully no enemies. My books will be about my feelings towards things, based off some of my favourite pieces of writing and what I just feel like - Im sorry if my spelling is incorrect (spelling isnt my strongest topic). If you wish to know more about me then PM (Private Message) my account or comment on my wall, if you wish to write a book together then please do the same. Thanks for listening, bye and I hope to see you soon! - s267843.

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