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even the brightest smile can make your day quote written by white owl ( now "👑 Galaxy The Cat 👑")

Hello! My name is Galaxy The Cat but you can just call me Galaxy. Welcome to my profile! If you want to find about me, look at the end of my profile

👑 Copyright Rules 👑:

Please don´t copy any of my books.

👑 Putting Books On Hold...👑:

I have made up a rule which is to finish any other books before making any new ones. I will try and stick to this rule because I am always coming up with new ideas for books.

👑 My Goals 👑:

Get ten comments on one or more books

👑 News  👑:

I will try and do more book reviews

👑 About Me 👑:

👑 Likes 👑: Decorating, holidays, spending time with family, posters, programming basic things/learning different programming languages, listening to music (especially Asian pop!), decluttering things (<--- weird thing to do...) and watching YouTube videos! XD

👑 Dislikes 👑: Mess/Clutter, seeing people being bullied, really hot weather, cold weather, when my phone is lower than 30%, when my computer is super slow/ laggy, seeing people cry and catchy songs that get stuck in my head all day!

👑 Fear(s) 👑: Fear of the dark

👑 Hobbies 👑: Writing stories, Reading books (especially Harry Potter! XD), playing video games, going on technology, shopping, playing video games, watching T.V and did I mention playing video games?! XD

👑 Favourite Things 👑:

👑 Animal 👑: Im not sure! Maybe cats?

👑 Food 👑: Anything except strawberries!

👑 Colour 👑: Anything except mossy green! XD

👑  Favourite Band 👑: Im not sure, again! XD

👑 Pet To Have 👑: Im not sure! Definitely not mice or rats though. Eek!

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