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Hey. My name is Phantom X. 

Gender: Male

Type of Books I Write: Romantic, Comedy, or Action. 

Birthday: June 3rd

Age: You Dont Need to Know. (Guess on the comments)

Im a real weirdo. I really like anime. You guys can judge on me on my personality. I dont really care. Also, I do like rap, but rock (especially Japanese Rock) will always be number one. I really enjoy hearing SPYAIRs music. I first started hearing their music when watching the opening to Haikyuu (believe it or not, one of the most awesome anime ever. Intense, funny, and exciting.) I also watch YouTubers, most of them being girls, but one of my very favorites would be MyChonny (Dont start hating because I didnt say PewDiePie. I do enjoy his videos.) 

I like watching anime and reading manga

Haikyuu by Haruichi Furudate. 

Hunter X Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi  

 When my and my bros turn up (xDD)

When I Get Home From School 

I like to play the piano: 

Piano is beautiful and it lets me take out anger, happiness, well, whatever I feel. I was first inspired by Joe Hisaishi and his music for the Studio Ghibli movies. One of the first songs I heard and I really enjoyed was One Summers Day. It is one of the songs from Spirited Away. When I actually noticed the song, it was when I saw Chihiro start crying while eating her food. (XD). I just really enjoyed the feeling of that moment. Then, I started paying more attention to the soundtracks. Eventually, when I finished watching most of Hayao Miyazakis movies, I started hearing the soundtracks to many anime. Then I decided to play the piano as well. I still lack many things in it, not being able to pay someone to help me out with the piano, but I try my best. Joe Hisaishi will be number one! You inspired me.

Favorite Pianists: 

  • Joe Hisaishi 
  • V.K
  • Yoruko

A good conversation with somebody would have to deal with anime, manga, art, music, piano, artists, movies, comics (Being mostly DC Nation) and novels. Dont talk to me if you dont have any of these topics to talk about. T_T

Why I like writing romantic stories: 

It doesnt matter what gender you are. I really like writing them because I like that corny, romantic stuff. Even though Ive never really been in a relationship, I know a lot on how to write my stories. Working on shojo manga is my passion as well. 

Questions I Will Not Answer:

Where are you from?

What is your real name? 

Do you like me? 

Questions I Ask of You (Answer on the comments.):

Do you like anime/manga?

Am I your friend?

Do you have a crush on me? (Just curious :P)

Do you play Piano? 

Am I annoying, weird, chill, indifferent, boring, or normal? 

Do you consider me a potential best friend if we actually met? 


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