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It all started on Christmas Day. The celebration was in full swing, everyone danced and enjoyed and the food was excellent. All the guests were waiting to why they came. Christmas cake. Cheesecake impressive three-story building, topped with vanilla covered with chocolate and strawberries stripes, each floor is wrapped with a silk primer and beautiful and the cake was a bird at the top of caramel. White bird with green eyes. Two unicorns wearing a black tuxedo and fancy brought on a large cart cake and put it in the center of the hall. Lengths eyes sparkled with joy. Cadence got on the big stage in the hall and said into the microphone: "Throughout dear, I´m happy you came with me to celebrate the Christmas Day, I wanted to say that after the refreshment couples start dancing, but the music will start playing now. Gusto!" And as she looked, the cake was excellent, the music was beautiful, lots of lengths did not wait for the end of long and got up to dance. The party was amazing. But no one knew that behind prison bars waiting for someone to freezing, and his head was standing plan to destroy Christmas in ... Discordian place a bomb in one of the gifts that were at the top of the heap. Cadence leaned over to open the presents and a big explosion magnificent palace became the scrap heap. Not many survived, but those who survived fled for his life. Cadence was lying unconscious on the cold snow, broken glass were on the bleeding body. She had not the slightest chance to live. Shiiming Armour and Tooilit stood shocked in front of what was once the biggest tower Bakoustriih. Unicorn surprised a nearly suffocated when his little sister sat down and cried. Suddenly the snow swirl around her body wrapped herself in Cadence. She disappeared as her husband the earth, but from the earth some sharp revival brick foundation with pink hair blue, turquoise colored eyes and dark Cutie Mark crown with angels´ wings. Her voice was a pleasant evening when she opened her mouth and said: "My name is Melody, daughter of frost, snow princess´ ...

חמוד פולקה מנוקדת ורוד עניבת פרפר רצועת כלים

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