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Hiya, Im Lallet, the Trainer behind Pokemon High.

Just some quick facts about me...

Despite being born in Chicago and writing in American English, I live life in England, but away from the upper-class areas. 

When Im not on my iPhone, I like to watch TV shows, play on my laptop, draw attempts of anime drawings and, of course, write stories on this AWESOME website!

I love Animal Jam and I will eventually make a guide for it. Add me on there, my name is doggylallet!

I´m not gonna swear in any books, because, well, I´m only 11 years old and I´m not mature enough for that stuff yet. Plus, my books are rated PG just so ya know.

I like to watch the following shows:

-Pokèmon (mostly)

-Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu

-Teen Titans Go!

-Nexo Knights

-Adventure Time

Plus, I dont mind publicity and its OK to comment on my wall!

Currently working on:

The Poke-topian Games

Pokemon High: The Cast

Fave character in PH? Nidorina is the best character in my opinion, but I suppose Togedemaru is pretty cool too. They´re both so incredible it hurts.

Fave PH Shipping? Tranotto (Tranquill x Pidgeotto) despite the fact they´re cousins. Somewhere I can hear people calling "GAYYYYY" and I´m fine with that.


Pokemon High (done)

The Poke-topian Games (in progress)

Pichu Hugga! (coming March 2018)

Camp Elemental (date TBC)

Quest For The Starstone (date TBC)

Daughter Of A Glitch (finale) (date TBC)

(Thanks for over 2.5K views on Pokemon High!)

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