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Hiya, Im Lallet.

When Im not on my iPhone, I like to watch TV shows, play on my computer, draw attempts of anime drawings and, of course, write stories on this AWESOME website!

I love Animal Jam and I will eventually make a guide for it. Add me on there, my name is doggylallet!

I like to watch the following shows:

-Pokèmon (mostly)

-Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu

-Teen Titans Go!

-Nexo Knights

-Adventure Time

Plus, I dont mind publicity and its OK to comment on my wall!

Currently working on:

The Poketopian Games(sequel to Pokemon High)

Hi! Im Vistamew!

My sisters Lallet, and I love to...

  • write stories on this fantastic website
  • Play Animal Jam (Im vistamew)
  • read books (paperback or eBook)
  • ride unicorns (everyones done that, right?)
  • play Pokemon games with my sister
  • watch my sis play games on our Nintendo Switch
  • go for a swim at the necessary pools
  • And, most of all, HAVE FUN!

My books are kinda weird, but dont judge!

I am helping my sis write:

Pokemon High


Their sequels

And thats it!

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