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Im Crow. Call me any names that you want, Im perfectly fine with it. Although I really prefer Crow, Karasu or Mitsuki. Anyways I cant really believe youve found my account its quite boring here so I suggest you move on...


No? You stayed...Alright Ill tell you some stuff about me :> I love anime, creepypastas, drawing, reading and video games. Im trying to write several stories here although I dont have much motivation so I apologize if youre just here, waiting for an update.



Its been quite the lonely here and I suppose I want some company, I enjoy talking to a few people but not much. I dont really have friends because of quite huge social problems and conditions I have such as super fast mood swings, anger problems, sadistic thoughts, violent outbursts and suicidal thoughts. Talk to me if you wish I am fine with it.



Alright as I said talk to me if you want or want to know me. But beware... Do not make me mad:>

S T A T U S: . . . C U R R E N T L Y  W A T C H I N G  M A R B L E H O R N E T S . . . 


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