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Hello my name is Girly Gamer, nice to meet you. First things first, I do not own my avatar - or the GIF above me, I got it from Night-Owls book : GIFResorce. I got my cover image and my wallpaper from google (I don´t know which website) Anyway - nice to meet you, and thank you for taking your time to read my profile page - I´m sorry if it bores you a little. I enjoy doing creative things, imagining, drawing, writing and expressing. I don´t know about you but I love to watch the sunset and the rain. I´m really happy to have found this website, it means I can read stories and talk to writers of my own age - it´s brilliant that children love reading and being creative at a young age. A few of these users really could become actual writers.  Lets get on with this profile shall we? Below is a chart containing some information.

Nickname :Girly Gamer
 Location : United Kingdom
 Age : 10, almost 11
 Likes : Being creative, PewDiePie
 Dislikes : Barrels, Horror Movies

PewDiePie fans may know the joke in the dislikes section, (Barrels!) Anyway, shall we continue? Time for techo stuff. My laptop is a Lenovo, which runs quite well with Windows 8 included, my tablet is also a Lenovo - sadly both of them are broken. (They won´t charge, we have to elevate them up when they do..) I have an IPhone4s, I don´t care for the new models, I like my 4 very much. I also have a playstation2 (used to be my dads) I love it because the games are 2 pence each. I have Minecraft on my laptop and SurvivalCraft (a parody) on my tablet, because pocket edition didn´t work. I´m sorry if I´m showing off but I just want to let people know what I use to write on and what software I use. Sadly we are drawing an end to my profile page, let the tears flow. But don´t worry I´m always active and I´m very social as well!

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Note : I do requests, (getting information for books, checking for grammar errors, reviewing chapters) just message me!

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