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Hey Guys! My name is Cydney, I´m 14 and I love to write my very own stories. Now my name on here has something to do with how I create my stories. Its kind of like when im in school I just randomly start daydreaming because.....well its school and its boring, so whenever I get the chance to put my stories on here I take it and well my imagination takes over and BAM! I created two stories that have over 100 views! You guys I am so happy to have you all reading my stories. It would be awesome if you actually commented and gave me some ideas that could boost my imagination! Also please favorite if you like my stories! It will give me motivation and inspire me to write more stories like the ones I have already started. If  you would like to make a recommendation for a story that you would like me to write for you then I would happy to do it! Just friend me and chat with me! Give me some ideas on what you want me to write for you and also some character names and background. If you dont have that much figured out then whatever you came up with is fine with me! ill just add on to the information and make our story as good as I can possibly get it! I know this is a lot to read but please guys comment, favorite and dont be afraid to send a request to me! Ill be looking forward to getting to know you guys!

See ya later pandagaters!!! I know its cliché but whatever dont judge me!! Luv yah!! tootles!!

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