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I´m Xero. Below is who I am. 

Name: Xero

Age: Why? I do not know you people.

Race: Demon

Demon Form: Looks the same except no glasses, jet black wings sprout from his back, claws tipped with poison appear instead of hands.

Personality: Cold (When angered), mischievous, rebel, quiet around new people.

Height: 5´6"

Weight: 90lb

Looks: Jet black hair, red eyes, sometimes wears glasses sometimes not, usually wears hoods, clothing changes every time.

Hobby: People watching, sleeping, making trouble, reading.

Specialty: Extremely fast, swordsmen, creates badluck everywhere he goes, fast liar. Controls people´s memories(I will go into detail with that later if someone asks).

Weapon: Katana (Olvidado), two dagger hidden in his sleeves, or shoes.

Likes: Ice, running, fighting, pranks, riddles.

Dislikes: Annoying people, the light.


"I am a liar. I cannot change that fact and even if I could I wouldn´t because people still would never believe me."

"Humans are idiotic creatures."

"I work alone, I never work with others or badluck will befall them."

"How boring."

"Expect the unexpected."



//If you want to RP tell me, although I just started a few days ago so I stink at this.


-I do not own any of the pictures-

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