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Hello!! I am Faith Hope. I love creating things. Stories, Pictures, Music, Plays. 

           Here are my Faves          

Color: Blue

Animals: Snow Leopard, Cat, Zebra

Singer: Ariana Grande

Band(s): 5sos, The Vamps, Union J, 1D, 

Song(s): Problem, Somebody to You

Movie(s): Jaws, Jaws II (and technically all other Jaws movies)  

Stories City Books: Fireflies ( Go Nia Noodle!!!)

                      And my least faves:

Color: Red/Yellow

Animal: Grizzly Bear (I have a MAJOR fear of bears)

Singer: Dont have one

Band: Dont have one

Movie: Dont have one

Stories City Books: I love them all.

                               Things I collect:

                      1. Sketchpads and Notebooks                                                                                                                                                                                   2. Turkish Bracelets 

                     3. Postcards 

                       4. Ornamental Dolls 

                       5. Keyrings 

                       6. Nail Polish 

I promised I´d write why my BOY cat is called Kitty. This is my FULL answer:  

Well, It was March 17th, an early morning. I was up getting ready for school. I looked out the patio door. By our shed, a black and white cat was hunting birds and mice, yet failing to catch anything. I got my uniform on and rushed out. He ran behind the shed about 5ft, before turning back curiously and running up to me. I petted him and he purred. Then I did not have a CLUE if he was a boy or girl, so I gave him a very simple name: Kitty. From then on he was my very own pet cat. 

That was the "story" version of the answer. You know now!!

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