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These Free WP Themes have been created spending countless hours of coding and testing

free WordPress themes

Several designers and developers claim to create your website in a matter of weeks or some in few days but have you wondered how and why they are being able to do so. 

Most of them create websites by purchasing or by downloading free WP themes from good reliable sites and then create your website in a matter of few days by doing few customizations and by adding few plugins.

This is because these free WP templates are readymade and have been created plug and play system which will work with any kind of environment.

These free WP themes are using base framework from underscores template and have been coded with utmost care and by following the theme review team codex standards which are standard for developing any WP theme and template they have set a benchmark for following these directions and to help create a secure and safe style of coding.

Also lot of testing and care have been put into place to securely and safely test them in various server environments and if they are working fine or not.

A lot of plugins also have been tested along with these free WP themes which means they can work nicely and have good compatibility with those websites.

Hence it can be said easily that these templates are the base benchmark of the industry and have become industry standards in their own way.

People believe that by using them will help them in SEO because they are very much Google friendly and have been coded in such SEO way. Also if they are stuck anyway in the future developers can easily help them because they have the advantage of having well commented codes written which help them in sustaining the strict structure operational benefits of using these free WP themes for long term purposes of a website.

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