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The Everlaster 

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a little about me 

I LOVE animal

Im a big fan of games (mostly horror)

I LOVE anime

Im a girl

I LOVE making friends and story

I LOVE LOVE creepypasta (Im NOT a fangirl)

My Full nickname is The One and Only, The Queen of Everlaster (I short it down to The Everlaster)

Im a LGBTQ Supporter (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer)

Im 5,3 (I think or was it 5,2) and yes my family short and we all look alike

I love Horror and thrillers (I love bloody scene, dont ask)

Im Edgy but Im also Kind, Loving and Caring

If you need help, just ask meh

I play Minecraft (I have Friends there and if you play Minecraft and want to meet me, My Minecraft name is HippoFNAF13 and I´m always on Cubecraft)

Im smart (it count if Im in Honor Classes)

My lucky Number is 13 (On Friday the 13 Im just so lucky as everyone unlucky)

My Zodiac is a Leo (The Strongest one)

My spirit animal is Half wolf, Half Lion (The night and The Day combined)

Im a Nerd and Im proud

Im single (actually soon Im not because me and my friend isnt ready, Yet)

My Favorite color is Red, Purple and Blue

I have Anger Issue combined with violence (To live, dont make me angry)


Idk what else to write -_-

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