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I like to draw anime. Er i like to TRY to draw anime, I like to Write too, I also like to listen to music.

I hate mean people.

My age... Well Ill like to keep that a secret as well as my gender, but my birthday is in October.

The books i wrote so far are "Soul Takers (Based off SAO a bit)", "Noragami (Fan Fic)", "Never Meant To Be", and "Forbidden Love". And so far my most successful book is "Never Meant To Be"

Also DarkChild is amazing. She always supports my books!

I never really knew what I was doing when I started writing all of this, but Im going to continue anyways.

I have two siblings and two dogs. My dogs names are Skye and Snow.

I currently am focusing on writing "Forbidden Love" and "Never Meant To Be".

My current Anime I am watching is "Luck and Logic" and "Bleach" I am watching two animes at the same time because I only watch "Luck and Logic" At night, and I watch "Bleach" In the morning where my whole family can see me watching it.

I watch "Luck and Logic" at night only because no one knows I am watching it and I would probably get told to stop watching it so i tell NO ONE.

School is on Monday.... Im so scared! DX

I got better at drawing Anime!

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