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whats up  the names Madnatter irl my names Natasha Im British Im majorly weird and a huge nerd I love music art reading and maths. yeah I like maths sue me. I am a bit eccentric and crazy hence the name if you want to read more of my stories I am also on Quotev  under the same name . I am sorry if I dont update that often but Im student in the middle of her GSCEs so give me a brake yeah okay

also please comment and tell me how I can improve my stories.

hey mates thought you should know I am writing a story with KillerGirlKira its a Jeff(creepypasta) fan-fic and I write from Maddie aka Mads point of view and it would be awesome sauce if you checked it   so yeah 

also I have wrote a new book that has some of the poems I have wrote also a few poems I like if ya cant guess its called my poems

and if ya want to learn a bit more about me I did an entry in  everybodys journal its in my subscriptions if ya wont a shortcut

 thx thats all peace out mates and have an incredible and awesome day ;p

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