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Im an AWESOME girl that loves to mess with stuff, and build things( Im a child of Hephaestus. Study Greek and Roman mythology and youll understand) and of course.. Isnt afraid to get MESSY And DIRTY!! Honestly its my most favorite thing to do!

Im 12.. B-day in a Cool month called November ..(YASS!), in 2004 and I dont like girly stuff.. So I guess you can say Im a tomboy. My favorite colours are Red,Black, Blue and Neon Green (in that order) I LOVE anime.. Especially the Yaoi ones and.. I guess thats it.. Oh and I forgot.. I live in the Caribbean.. The nice fun but EXTREMELY HOT  paradise as you people like to call it.. And.. Well I guess thats it! Oh and Im weird.. Just plain out weird.. People say Im different and I Honestly LOVED being called that.. So yeah Im special.. And thats it!😄😄... Wait........Im ADHD to, so yeah, I tend to be WAY TO jittery and hyper for my age.. And Im asthmatic.. So those two really dont go hand-in-hand.. Do they?.. Hmm...

Hehe.. I have a LIGIT Freind called GayNation!.. YASS!! Shout outs to you!!😄😝😘😉.. Your a cool person..😎😎.. Yass!!

AND HER BOOKS ARE LIGIT!!.. I mean, if u like yaoi and stuff, but yeah... THE GIRL IS MY FRIKICNG PARTNER IN ´YAOI CRIME!!´ Heh... GAYNATION´S MY GIRL! .. Heh..

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