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Hello and welcome to my profile! My hobbies are singing, dancing, writing, reading, acting, and I love baking with my grandmother. I also think my imagination in pretty good. I go on Animal Jam. Some of my stories might have swearing in them.

(I got the idea from RockyRoxay, her fursona is super-cute!) Now about my fursona... I re-made her on a site, but it wont let me drag the pic onto my desktop so that I can put it into my profile. Here is the link to see her on, please use it: or you can go to and go to -RainbowFlash-s profile and she is the first picture.
Here is her bio:
Her name is Gemz and she loves singing, dancing, and art. She wont go anywhere without her lucky aquamarine scarf. Mainly because aquamarine is her birthstone. She is very, very neon and bright. Her favorite food is hot wings, her favorite drink is a root beer float, and her favorite dessert is an ice cream sandwich. She loves watching Jessie on Disney channel, and is addicted to Minecraft. Her best friends are Roxay, RockyRoxays fursona, and Jewelz, my friend Ericas fursona. She also has a stuffed penguin named Melanie. Her favorite holiday is her birthday and her favorite season is spring. Her most memorable quotes:
Oh snaaaaap...
Express yourself through art!
Can I have a pancake? Pleeeeaaase?

I changed her, just like you asked. Her spieces is now a lynx, I kept her color palette and her scarf. I hope you are happy now. I will not change her anymore than I already have, and if you dont like this version, then she is going back to her original form. No questions asked. BTW, Youre welcome!

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